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Bob Martin Online takes no responsibility for any nonhumorous caption. It's your fault for reading it. Make it funny. Imagine the person saying it in a funnier voice. Thats the problem with kids nowadays, they have no imagination. It's all because of the televisions in their bedrooms. You gotta let the kids PLAY. Oh yeah. All of the captions were made out of love, care, and IMs between Liz Biz and Contemporary Mary. So yeah. Read the captions.
Bob: And then, Liz said 'Camel'! HAHAHAHA. Isn't that rich?
Bob: John Lloyd Young's hair isn't even fuzzy.
Beth: I know. wtf?
Beth: And he huffed...and he puffed...and he blew the house down.
Bob: Goody!
Bob: I have to pee.
The Queen of England: So THAT'S where my crown went. Freakin Sutton Foster.
Bob: You're hot.
Beth: Shut up.

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